Advanced Tech Support Scam: Virus Problems from ATT

I called ATT advanced tech support because I thought I was having a Virus problem, and said I should purchase the Advance Tech for $15.00 per month in order for them to help me, I spent over 4 hours with them entering my laptop and cleaning it which I didn’t request. When they were through the Virus problem was cleared up, I thought, but my computer was really messed up, fonts were a mess, and numerous items I had such as Bookmarks, Mail, were gone. But the messed up fonts were the worst problem, it felt like it had fraud written all over it. I called them back and spent another hour trying to make some corrections, but they were unable to do anything.

After talking with them being convinced I needed the Advance Tech support contract, etc. I found I needed only to do a restore and when I did everyting was fine. I am now considering dropping ATT, for Cell phone, Internet Service, and land line. If I have to pay $150 to cancel the Advance Tech contract, I will have to do it, but these Techs are not ever going into my computer again. They totally messed it up and I had to fix the problems I had myself, they did nothing but mess up everything. I have been with ATT for ages, but they will not screw up my computer again! This is a total advanced tech support scam!

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3 Customer Complaints about “Advanced Tech Support Scam: Virus Problems from ATT
  1. Boca Raton Scam says:

    Yes, Advanced Tech Support is a scam. I work there and people install our software and then need us to fix it. We charge them 250 to 400 $$ to get fixed. I am quitting soon. I hate lying to people but our calls are recorded.

  2. Nancy Gilson says:

    On April 4th I got a call from David Foster who says he is from Advance tech support. He told me that your company charged me $350.00 on my charge card for services that I did not order. David said they only way for me to get it back is if he had access to my computer. I allowed him the access because I did business with you last year. He then wanted my debit card number because the only way I would get it if he put the money in. Well that did not happen. He ended taking 350 out and transfer to a Western Union. Laughing all the way thru conversation he told me I just got fucked. I have contacted the sheriffs department since then and am I am working with the fraud department with my bank to hopefully get my m money back.Are you even aware of people posing as your company and scamming the public. Is there any way you can rectify this matter.

  3. Brigitte Hutchin says:

    I also used ATT last year and again got involved this year…what a joke…….A dozen plus technicians and more than 30hours of work which ate up a lot of bites……..then got talked into another security package (even though I had purchased a life cover the year before……ok so I have lost $360 plus…..and why are these people giving out phone numbers that give me messages of not connected or invalid number……This has been a big expensive lesson……and I feel that these people mess with your computer for you to follow up messages they place on your screen……..As you can see I am not a happy customer with this company…….

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