2007 Toyota Camry Engine Burning Oil

I bought a Toyota Camry in 2007. After driven 60000km, my engine oil light starts flash after change engine oil and just drive 5000Km during I use brake. I went to Toyota to ask a test, it is said the normal engine oil consumption is 0.4 to 0.5L/1000Km. If so, Toyota recommends 6000Km for each engine oil change. If so, after driving 6000Km, the engine oil consumption is 3Litre. But each time, the dealer just put 4 Litre oil in. That means there is just 1 Litre in engine after driving 6000Km. Does anybody have standard engine oil consumption? As I searched, even in some undeveloped countries, it is just 0.3Litre/1000Km.

That means Toyota is over too much than this standard. Does Toyota is a trusted car maker in Canada? If is, why could it not get an undeveloped country’s standard. Or is Canada’s standard is lower than an undeveloped country? I do not believe it.

We have owned 2 toyotas in past and after many years we decided to go with Toyota again. We own 2011 Toyota camry. Recently I went over a pothole and it da abet tire, rim and wheel. I didn’t think the bump was that big. And on a car which is only 3-4 months old repair cost over$900. Nothing was covered inspitevof purchasing extended warranty. I am close to 60 hrs. Pld and in all my life of different cars, this was the most expensive we felt. I have no complains yet for the car but about how expensive your repairs and maintainance is.

Will I recommend Toyota to any one, maybe to only rich people. Not average as maintaining Toyota is most expensive. May be someone will read this or delete this, or reply. Anyway I feel it should be told.

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